About us

EVOLVE Solutions is a top Philadelphia-based public affairs firm that specializes in developing effective plans to meet clients’ business and policy objectives. We manage complex issues through robust grassroots community engagement campaigns. We work with the nation’s leading foundations, nonprofit organizations, associations, businesses, and government entities to help them navigate some of the most enduring challenges facing the world today in areas that include healthcare, education, civic engagement, diversity & inclusion, racial equity, criminal justice reform, and business.

“We pride ourselves as relentless problem solvers who are passionately committed to our clients’ success.”

~ Salima Suswell, Founder &  CEO


Based on our experience in the political and corporate arenas, we apply a campaign-style approach to achieving client goals. In the face of a tough, dynamic public affairs challenge, our team brings an uncanny ability to solve often stubborn public affairs issues. Known for approaching every initiative with innovative thoughts and ideas our clients expect non-cookie-cutter methodologies. The team”s extensive experience allows us to know exactly where to invest our efforts to deliver success to our clients.