Political and Public Affairs

We help businesses, non-profits, campaigns, and causes achieve their public affairs goals – whether they be favorable legislative or policy outcomes, successful advocacy efforts, community-based consumer marketing, or high-profile awareness campaigns.

Public policy decisions encompass a broad range of influences and environmental factors. Evolve works in strategic partnership with key stakeholder groups to aid in public policy processes and associated politics to promote a client’s agenda at the local, regional, and national levels. ES has created a significant footprint in the public affairs sector as notable experts with developing highly effective grassroots strategies and tactics. Additionally, we’re recognized as established leaders in building coalitions involving multicultural outreach initiatives.

Public Relations –

Crisis Management | Community & Cultural Competency Education

We offer a complete suite of integrated public relations strategies, individualized crisis communication plans, and community-based consumer marketing. In the event of a crisis, ES is equipped to chart a course of action that will help a client shape the message, safeguard its reputation, and identify options for moving forward.

We carefully manage issues clients may be facing, strengthen their relationship with the press, and drive coverage when and in the manner that makes the most sense. We maintain relationships with members of the media, enhancing our ability to deliver results. We evaluate an issue’s potential outcomes, determine who or what might influence those outcomes, and then move to best position our clients within that landscape.

Community Engagement

We work with clients to design, plan, and execute successful multicultural diversity-focused campaigns that amplify their message and advance their goals. As cultural competency experts our work includes driving civic engagement that targets racial equity disparities within healthcare, criminal justice, education, housing, economic opportunity and workforce development. Our on-the-ground community outreach work connects with thousands of citizens, from intimate roundtable discussions to high-level forums and events with established
decision makers and subject matter experts.


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